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About me:

Hello; first off I’d like to thank you for taking the time to browse through my website and get familiar with all that I do. I have always valued myself as an open, honest and fun person so let me begin our journey together with letting you know who I am.

I am the mother of five beautiful, amazing children (Lillian, Mason, Warren, Hunter and Joe) and married to my best friend (Dan). We live in a small town that has a great sense of community and I recently was given the opportunity to be a full time stay at home mom. With this gift I not only am home with my babies but I can also pour my heart and soul into my dream; photography.

My husband and I met when we were kids, he is my brothers best friend and I never imagined I’d end up with him. However, his goofy nature and country charm swept me off my feet and I fell head over heels and the rest is history. He works long, taxing hours to help support our family. In 2017 we got a surprise visit from Mr. Stork and we were blessed with our fifth child, yes, five, baby Joe. At this point in our lives we felt that 5 children in daycare and two parents working jobs with long hours was not conducive to our families sanity. We made the tough but needed decision for me to stay home with our children and continue my love for photography. This decision, tough as it was has not only strengthened our marriage but also the weight lifted off is present in our children’s smiles everyday.

Back in 2013 is when my photography journey all started, I had my camera, I was taking pictures and always learning. Since then I have revamped how I do photos entirely. I still love to provide the standard portraits, because we all know they look amazing in our living rooms. But I am working towards a more relaxed, and engaging sort of photo shoot with my clients. I also have started doing videography, knowing that we can capture that moment, that smile, the laughter and tears and re-live it. Videography gives an entirely different take on a wedding, birth, or even a simple family photo shoot. A service that I am so excited to offer you.

You can find my photography and videography packages by clicking on the link above. Please keep in mind that my time with my family is precious and while I am working with you; I am away from my babies. During your photo shoot you will have my undivided attention and your photos and videos will be delivered within the timeline the we specify. With that being said I want to offer you the best possible experience and am willing to work with you, my prices are negotiable.

Now you know who I am and my passion, I’d love to help you capture priceless moments in your life. What are you waiting for…one…two…three…smile!!